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The history of the factory compound is intertwined not only with those of a city rich in historical and cultural tradition and of an exceptionally talented family, but also of the whole of Hungary. The name of the Zsolnay Family and the depiction of the five towers after which the city was named in the Middle Ages have become known and recognized all across Europe and around the world during the periods when industry and commerce were not restrained by borders, and social and economic development were inspired by a desire for progress, and the uninhibited blossoming of culture and the arts. We have high hopes for an imminent economic boom in Hungary, and one that would also benefit the Factory that has played an important role in promoting Hungary within Europe throughout its history. It was Miklós Zsolnay, a merchant, who set up the factory. His first request for permission was submitted to the Council of Pécs Free Royal City on 2 June 1852. As his son, Ignác, was committed to the idea of developing Hungarian industry, Miklós Zsolnay transferred the small manufactory to him. At the time, the company produced terracotta architectural ornaments and household stoneware.

Source: zsolnay.hu